YEHROOMHAI is a concept expressed in many ways. Here it is expressed in a blog. what is it about? well its about exploring the concept YEHROOMHAI!

Yeh = This

ROOM = Room

Hai = Is

meaning, ” this is the room!”.

so on each page you will find a different room and you can stick around if you enjoy it or if you find something useful and maybe you have a query.

the rooms are available free of charge, with payments involved, with other possible contributions as mentioned in those rooms.

you can own the rooms you can rent the rooms you can use it for personal use you can customise them.

they are available in blog form, which is in fact part of  virtual form and the material form as in real touch and feel habitable rooms in reality.

for example the home page is a film screen play called yeh room hai. here you can read the screen play as it develops. you can voluntarily pass comments mail us a story board shot. make a 3d set , dress up a character, contribute if you wish, or you may simply enjoy the screen play .

here you can leave any ideas about what yehroomahai! could be in your eyes.

on another page you will find a number of ideas about how to buy  custom built designer portable homes, make them pay for themselves and then earn for you, while you are not using them.

other screen plays , and other interesting assets and things to do, for example portable farms, organic eco cultures, nurseries, seed bank deposits etc.

then we have more stuff…. constantly evolving.. stick around , if you like what you see there is a way to be part of it.

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